Predator Trailers is now a Dealer for ATC World Class Trailers - Full Service Custom Builds Still Available

Custom Tags & Trailers

All Aluminum Construction
Full Custom Design Build
Loaded Out with Compressor
Generator and Wench
Sealed/Covered Storage

Full Toter & Trailer Build, Repair and/or Restoration

Full New Build Options
No Limitation on Size
Full Restoration Services
Complete Redesign Options
Interior and Exterior Options For Racing or Relaxing

Custom All Aluminum Tailgaters

All Aluminum Construction
Custom Coolers
Stainless Steel Grills
Stainless Steel Countertops
Custom Sound Systems/TV's
Full List of Options

Custom Projects

Your Imagination is
our Foundation.

At Predator: We Bring
YOUR Ideas to Life!!!

From the Shop

Why Predator Trailers

Who we aren't
- Predator is not another cookie cutter business that prefers quantity over quality
- Predator is not about overselling to the customer, if they don't need it or want it, we won't sell it

Who we are
- Predator builds trailers...tags, goosenecks, stackers, etc...
- Predator builds motorcoaches
- Predator services trailers and coaches. Anything from accessory installation to re-skinning
- Predator is quality craftsmanship gained from years of experience in the industry
- Predator is staying within your budget
- Predator pays attention to detail
- Predator is for those who have "Pride in their Ride!"
- Predator brings your ideas to life!
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