About Us

Hi! I'm Bryn 😃
Just before my birthday in 2021 I ran my first ever running race…. an ultra marathon. 50 hilly kilometres in the Surrey hills was some serious type 2 fun but all I was thinking of was my birthday.
A celebratory poster would have been the best way for me to remember my hard work (and humble brag to my friends whenever they visited) but I couldn't find any personalised posters using my Strava data.
I started working on creating the perfect gift that I wished existed and made it a reality. I hope you enjoy your poster as a reward for your efforts or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one.
Happy racing!
Thank you!


Missions and Values

Our mission is to help you celebrate your longest, fastest, proudest and most memorable achievements. So you can relive these truly unique memories everyday. But this time from the comfort of your own home!Here at Race Day Prints we truly value you. Our loyal customers. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy. Our posters are made from the finest of paper and printed with cutting edge technology, meaning you’ll get exactly what you wanted.
We value trust and honesty. That’s why we offer such a good refund policy.

The Team


Hello! I'm Bryn.
I founded Race Day Prints in between running half marathons and cycling. 

TIggy aka chaos

She's very sweet but has sharp teeth. Loves to pretend to help and
adventures on the beach.


Hey I'm Tom! I finished my first triathlon in 2023 and now I'm training for Ironman Austria.